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Prep a small portion of baby food at home

Babies grow fast, and good nutrition is so important for their development at every stage. Fresh, whole foods have nutrients that babies need in order to be healthy, but choosing good food can be difficult. Commercial baby food products have recently been in the news for recalls due to safety issues, including spoilage and dangerous levels of arsenic, lead, and other toxic metals. These baby food recalls are making it harder for parents to decide which brands might be best. Preparing your baby’s food at home provides a safer, healthier alternative!
While it is possible to make baby food with blenders or elaborate electric baby food makers, these methods produce a large quantity that must be frozen. When a baby is developmentally ready to try new foods, pediatricians recommend testing one food at a time to help detect potential food allergies. With LITTOES baby food masher, you can quickly prepare your baby’s meal in small, personalized quantities that will help to avoid waste - perfect for baby’s first foods!
But how do you make homemade baby food? With LITTOES baby food masher, making baby food is easy – simply cut, steam, and mash! Choose the fresh fruits and vegetables you would like to include and cut them into smaller chunks, then steam them. Steaming is a great method for preparing foods for puree.
For our homemade baby food, we cut and steamed apple and acorn squash for 15 minutes and then tested the chunks to be sure they were soft. Then we mashed the chunks until they reached a smooth consistency, and that’s it. Baby’s meal is ready! The same bowl can even be used to serve the mashed food, making clean up fast and uncomplicated.
LITTOES baby food masher gives parents peace of mind, knowing exactly what is in their baby’s food as their little one moves through each stage of development. It is a quick and easy tool for making delicious meals, from baby’s very first taste through baby’s weaning food. Preparing a variety of fresh and healthy homemade baby foods with LITTOES baby food masher is a great choice for parents who want to provide their growing baby with simple nutritious meals.

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