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Homemade Baby Food: Apple Carrot Orange & Ginger

What you need:
2/3 long ORGANIC
5-inch long GINGER ROOT
How we made it:
1. Wash the fruits and ginger root well.
2. Peel apple and carrot, and chop into small chunks.
3. Steam for 10-15 minutes or till the chunks become soft.
4. Put desired amount of steamed fruit chunks into Masher Bowl and press fruit into grooves with Masher. Keep mashing the fruits until it reaches desired consistency.
5. Place Juicer on Masher Bowl, and press the orange into Juicer and start turning the orange.
6. Replace Juicer with Grater, and slide the ginger root back and forth on Grater.
7. Pour extra mash into a Baby Food Pot for next meal!
Option to make puree: Pour the mash onto Strainer, and press the mash through with a small metal spoon.

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