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Food Introduction To Babies

American Academy of Pediatrics recommends to ​introduce solid foods around 6 months of age. Research indicates that it is important to expose children to a wide variety of flavors and textures. It is normal and very common that babies do not show interest when first introduced to foods. Many babies and toddlers need to be exposed to foods multiple times before accepting them. Family members can encourage and motivate babies to eat foods by demonstrating eating the same foods with babies. Babies and toddlers are more likely to eat foods they see their peers and parents eating.
A new eater only needs 1 to 2 tablespoons of each food. To avoid wasting food, parents can store food in separate containers. Another way is by using LITTOES Baby Food Prep Set to make a small portion of fresh new food. Our Baby Food Prep Set includes different tools for preparing food in different textures. Introducing your baby to new foods can be both fun and frustrating, but also a great start to assist your baby building a healthy diet.

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